A sleek Nashville pool house with a sculptural interior design and a very impressive wine cellar

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, this building is, despite its name, more than just a pool house. It’s an impressive structure, a residence in the true sense of the word. It’s imposing in both size and interior design. The interior was the creation of design firm Jamie Beckwith. This project was an opportunity for the designer to experiment with new and innovative ideas.

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What immediately pops when you enter the pool house is the variety of textures and colors. The floors are covered with wood tiles, the walls have murals and the furniture and all the details have character and unique features. It’s an unexpected mix but the effect is very beautiful.

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The interior design is eclectic but the Gothic features are however the most prominent. These are details inspired by the main house that features a more traditional Gothic style. There are lots of beautiful elements in this pool house. For example, the fireplace wall with travertine stone has a contemporary look and makes the whole space feel warm.

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The kitchen has a vibrant yellow look complemented by a sculptural light fixture. Given the main function of the pool house, most of the fabrics used throughout are indoor/outdoor. It’s a very functional and practical choice. The decorations and accessories are also in tune with these characteristics. For example, the patched cowhide rug is perfect for a pool house.

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The interior of this place is decorated with large-scale artwork that supports the overall contemporary look. There is also another very impressive element: the wine cellar. It was designed so that it can be viewed from above and everything looks beautiful from any angle. It can hold a maximum of 2,000 bottles and has a futuristic appearance.{pics by Kim Sargent}.