How to Clean Your HDTV Without Doing Any Damage

A dirty TV or computer screen is not exactly pleasant to look at. But one that’s all scratched up and damaged is not better either. HDTV screens are delicate so you have to use special cleaning products and to be extra careful. The process is not difficult at all if you follow the right steps and use the right tools. This also applies to your computer monitor, tablet and laptop.

Turn off the device

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It’s better to be safe than sorry so unplug your TV before you clean it. It will also be easier to see the dirty or oily areas if the screen is dark.

Use the right tools

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Different owner’s manuals may include different methods for cleaning your TV screen. Still, they all advise you to use a soft, dry cloth. Use it to very gently wipe the screen. Maybe you can find a microfiber cloth. That would be best. Avoid using paper towels, tissue paper or things like your shirt.

In case the dry cloth doesn’t do the trick:

If you clean your screen frequently then you shouldn’t have a problem but if you let it sit there for a few months then you may encounter a few stubborn marks. In that case, either use the special cleaner that some companies sell or dampen the cloth with distilled water. If that doesn’t do the trick either, you can try mixing the distilled water with an equal ratio of white vinegar.

Avoid cleaners that contain ammonia, ethyl alcohol, toluene or acetone.

Never spray liquid directly on to the screen

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Whatever you do, don’t spray the cleaning liquid directly on to the screen because it could ruin the device and cause permanent damage. If you need to use liquid, dampen the cloth.

Don’t leave any moisture on the screen

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After you’ve cleaned the screen with a damp cloth, use a second sloth to dry the screen. Don’t leave any moisture on it especially before turning the TV back on.

Clean the frame too

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A dirty screen is definitely not pleasant to look at but a dirty frame is not great either. When cleaning the frame you’re not as limited as in the case of the screen. You can use a soft sloth but an old T-shirt will do just fine too. Dampen the cloth with water and you can also use any multipurpose cleaner if needed but avoid contact with the screen.