A shared office space designed by ZEST Architecture

It’s uncommon for two companies to share the same office space. They usually prefer their own office where they can almost feel like home. The reason for that is mostly privacy and the need be undisturbed. However, two companies can share the same office, provided that the interior design was created for this purpose. This office is the best example for that.

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Designed by ZEST Architecture, this office is shares by an architecture firm and an e-commerce business. It’s located in Gracia, Barcelona and it basically consists of a large, open space. The reason why this arrangement works is because of the architecture and the ingenious designs solutions adopted by the architects. First of all, the space was organized in multiple areas. Then the usual individual work stations were replaced by work tables. They can accommodate a variable number of people so it’s suitable for both many and few people.

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The furniture was crafted with bamboo panels and the desks were made of natural oiled pine. The floor is covered by polished silver cement with integrated electricity sockets. Inside the office there’s a large box that functions as a meeting area and presentation space while also serving as a storage space with bookshelves and compartments. Inside the box the zone is free from distractions. The whole office is a flexible space designed for multiple situations and activities.