A selection of colorful wall stickers for the nursery room

Decorating the nursery room is fun and it’s an opportunity to feel like a child again. But there are also practical concerns to take care of. One of them is related to the fact, even if for the moment the nursery will look wonderful, kids grow up fast and you’ll soon have to change the décor for the nursery once again. It’s why temporary solutions are always a great idea. For example, wall stickers.

1. Modern blue nursery room.

Tree nursery room

For a boy, blue walls are an ideal choice. Feel free to play with multiple shades of blue. But as for wall decorations, wall stickers are probably the best choice. So leave the walls plain and simple and use wall stickers to make the room more fun and colorful. In this case, the walls stickers are white and they create a subtle and very beautiful contrast against the walls.

2. Baby blue nursery room.

Tree nursery room

Pastel colors are usually very common in nursery rooms. They create a soothing atmosphere and they reflect beautifully the purpose of the room. Here we have a chic nursery featuring a combination of pastel blue and white. It’s a serene and refreshing mix and the white wall stickers are chic and add that extra touch of style that the room needs.

3. Jungle-themed nursery room.

Tree nursery room

Choosing a color for the nursery room is an important step but so is the theme. If you want something bold and fun at the same time, a jungle-themed décor from Papper would be very interesting. You can also find some very beautiful custom stickers to use and they would really spice up the décor without having to go through too much trouble.

4. Friendly owl stickers.

Tree nursery room

The owl is a symbol of wisdom and who doesn’t want that for their kid? They are usually represented in a much friendlier version than in reality their big eyes and compact bodies are something that kids find funny and cute at the same time. These wall stickers are all great for nursery rooms. Add a tree for the owls to sit on and you’ll have a great accent wall.

5. The classical tree wall stickers.

Tree nursery room

Even if there are trees all around us and that we basically know everything there is to know about them, we still find them fascinating. They are the most common symbol of nature and one of the most popular images used in nursery rooms. Whether you opt for a more realistic version or for a fun version, a tree wall sticker would be a great addition in your kid’s nursery room. You can also find other images to complement the tree with.