A seat that looks like bike chain

These are truly splendid and innovative sets of furniture inspired by bike’s chains. The designer of this highly smart seat got inspiration for making this one when he was at the popular “Tour de France.” That is how he decided make furniture, which is inspired by cycling. The seat cushions for this one is made of high-density molded foam and the structure is made of chromed stainless steel.

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This is a very interesting and clever idea. It’s always interesting to see what the designers can come up with in terms of new designs. And as we can see here, the inspiration is everywhere, you just have to be attentive and to know how to materialize it. This chair is the perfect example. It has a shape that has been inspired by the bike’s chain. It actually reproduces this design on a larger scale and using different materials.


The stainless steel structure provides a solid and durable base that can support a lot of weight and the soft cushions are the perfect choice for this design. It’s a very interesting chair, with an innovative shape. But more than that, it’s also very comfortable, which is not something you can say about all the new creations that have such an interesting design. So if you’re searching for something new and different for your home, and if you like cycling, this chair could be the one for you.