A Seasonal Cleaning Schedule: What To Do When {Part 2}

Cleaning the gutters, dusting the ceiling fans, going through the boxes in the attic … there are some chores you just don’t do every week. We all know about spring cleaning, but is there a such thing as fall, winter or summer cleaning and maintenance? The answer is, of course! There are big jobs for every season of the year. And we;ve got part 2 of the seasonal cleaning schedule right here. Take a look and start jotting down some notes so you’ll be ready!


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Go through all the closets! Clean them out, organize the mess and donate what you’re not using.

Grab a cloth and wipe down all your wall art from canvases to frames photos.

Go through the medicine cabinet and make sure you first aid kit is up-to-date.

Patrol the yard for pests, this is the season of bugs and other critters trying to get inside away from the heat.


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Time to clean out the freezer and fridge. Wipe it down good and get it ready for all the wonderful holiday cooking!

Clean all your leather furniture and start polishing all the wood, get it shiny for friend and family gatherings!

Go through all the rooms in the house and clean those lampshades!

Rent that carpet cleaner and get the job done. So many footprints have been left from the kids running inside from playing outside, that you’ll feel brand new when it’s done!


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Clean those bookshelves! Switch the books, and dust behind binds. You’ll be spending more time inside reading this season, so be prepared.

Wash the rugs, get them nice and pretty for all the time cozying up inside the house.

Go through your closets. Go through everyone’s closets and donate what you’re not wearing or what doesn’t fit you anymore.

Open the junk drawer (or drawers) and go through the chaos. Organize, replenish and throw away anything not  needed!


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Vacuum the blinds, dust the windows and then clean them too. You’ll be using them more now.

Go through your movies, games and books. Make sure you still want everything and organize the rest!

Spruce up the porch and patio. Clean, sweep, dust and do a bit of re-decorating!

Clean up your computer. Dust it but also sort through all your unwanted downloads and documents so it starts working fast and quick after a long winter browsing the web.