A Rustic Indoor Firewood Storage Idea

For those who use firewood for their homes they need to think of its storage to. It should be a place close to the fire, which protects the firewood from rain or other inconvenient bad natural phenomena and it should not incommodate you too much.

Indoor firewood storage idea paul 1

The Swedish Studio St. Paul has an innovative idea. It designs an indoor pile made up of firewood logs. It looks rustic and creates an interesting design and a special atmosphere. In different parts of the pile there are made some crates of various sizes. In these crates you can deposit different things like a table lamp, some books or other objects that might complete this rustic décor.

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This pile may remind you of the cold winters when wood becomes an important source for getting a fire or the wet rainy days when a fire in a fireplace creates a wonderful warm and romantic atmosphere.