A rustic and cozy retirement house

This house is exactly how you imagine your retirement home to be like. It’s almost like an image from old fairy tales. It’s so cozy and charming that you almost want to steal it from its owners and make it yours. You can almost see your grandchildren sitting at that table or playing in the garden. The house is indeed splendid.This dream house seems to have so much going on and yet everything goes so well together.

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The interior is light and airy, despite all the colors and decorations. The overall atmosphere is very cozy and inviting. That’s mostly because of the rustic interior design. The house has been decorated with vintage furniture and many charming accessories and details. Everything about it follows the same theme and matches perfectly. Everywhere you look, the décor is cozy and has the same rustic appeal as it does everywhere else.

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The color palette is very wide. It includes tones of blue, green, pink and yellow for the walls and a variety of other different colors for the furniture and decorations. There are also many different patterns and textures found in the rugs, the table cloths or the curtains. The living room is the biggest room in the house. It’s actually a large space that also includes a study and a dining room. It has a beautiful fireplace with many lovely decorations on the mantle. There’s also a second living room, this time with a more official look. Overall, it’s a very well-balanced home.{found on design-remont}.