A renovated Knaus Passat called Hugo

Some people like to be on the move even when they’re at home. They enjoy not having to live forever in the same context and to be free to choose a new location whenever they want to. Catherine Hug and her husband are the owners of this Knaus Passat from 1976. They called it Hugo and they made it their home. Recently, Hugo was renovated and got a new look.

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The renovation was completed in 3 weeks. It cost the owners about the same price that they originally paid when they bought Hugo. Let’s see the steps they took when they renovated their unusual home. First, they threw out everything. The only remaining thing was the original wooden furniture that Hugo came with. The flooring had to be changed and the walls needed some new wallpaper. What was originally a round seating with a table in the middle became a double bed with an original lamp above it that was made from an old globe.

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The kitchen got a new pendant lamp and the table remained the same but was painted white. The curtains were replaced by white blinds for a more spacious look. This time the owners went for a brighter décor. It helps create the impression of a larger space and it also looks fresh and casual. Living in a caravan might seem like an inconvenient for some people but it’s an adventurous alternative and it allows you to try bold ideas in terms of décor that you might not dare to use in an apartment.