A remodeled home in Murcia, Spain with a stylish Nordic interior

This beautiful residence is located in Cieza, Murcia, Spain and it has been recently remodeled and renovated. The style chosen for the new interior décor was a mixture of Nordic elements and mid-century modern details with some American 50’s accents. The eclectic style that resulted from this odd combination is very beautiful and very well-balanced.

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It’s interesting how the simplicity and minimalism of the Nordic style which is predominant in this case manages to coexist with the colorful and rustic-modern details. It’s not a very common combination but in this case it suits this space wonderfully. The mix is very well balanced because the overall Nordic décor is so simple and plain and has a rather cold look but the mid-century modern details add warmth and texture to the whole décor.

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The wooden furniture is very beautifully integrated into the design. Also, the colors are beautifully combined. The color palette is restraint but each room has a star color, a detail that stands out and that doesn’t let the décor become monotonous. The black and dark brown elements are very charming and they make the rooms feel more inviting and the atmosphere feel warm and cozy. Internally, the space is very cleverly used as well. The internal distribution of the rooms is functional and practical and the overall interior design is continuous and equally elegant in every room.{found on delikatissen}.