Practical DIY Organizers That Will Help You Stay On Top Of Things

Being organized is the first step in being productive and efficient. The strategies you can use in this sense vary, depending on the activity, the location and personal preferences. Together we’ll review a few of them in the hopes of helping you stay on top of your tasks in a stylish and beautiful way.

Memo board from wire

Let’s start with the office. Regardless of the type of work you do, there are things you sometimes need to write down or keep off your desk. For that, a memo board can be really useful. You can make a memo board out of wire mesh if you think the industrial look will be a good addition to the room.{found on burkatron}.

Workspace wall organizer

An iron mesh wall organizer is extremely easy to make and the whole project is really cheap. So visit your local hardware store and get your supplies. Bring the mesh home and, if necessary, adjust its shape and size. Display it above your desk or in the kitchen and use it as an organizer.{found on passionshake}.

Pegboard Organizer

Pegboard organizers are very versatile. You can basically adapt one to your needs, whatever these may be. For example, make a yarn organizer. All you need for this simple project is a piece of pegboard and some hooks. Insert the hooks in the pegboard and then arrange all your skeins of yarn on them. You can then either mount the organizer on the wall or let it lean casually.{found on dwellbeautiful}.

Letter a pinboard DIY

For the small things like reminders or small photos you want to keep close to you when you’re working, you can use a pin board. A nice idea is to craft a monogram pin board. This way you’ll also get to personalize it. The supplies needed for such a project include cork, craft wood, glue, see-through paper and a pen.{found on look-what-i-made}.

Round mud cloth inspired organizer

Another chic option is the mud cloth inspired organizer featured on abubblylife. To make it you need a wooden circle (although the shape can differ and then the design would change accordingly), paint, some rope, elastic cord, a staple gun and a paintbrush. First you paint the circle and now you can choose to make all sorts of designs using tape if desired. Then you attach the rope with a staple gun so you can hang the organizer and then you attach the elastic cord.

DIY washi tape holder

For those of you that enjoy working with washi tape, we found a simple and beautiful-looking way of storing all the rolls. The tutorial for the project can be found on thecraftedlife. You need dowel rods, copper fittings, some spray paint, a saw and pipe fitting and it will all be done in 20 minutes.

DIY Kitchen Organizer

For the kitchen, there are lots of strategies you can use for storing things like spices and utensils. The organizer featured on creatingwithklc can be a good option if you find the industrial look suitable for your kitchen. To make it, you’ll need wire frames, shelves and S hooks, faux leaves, spray paint and nails.

Recycled diy makeup brush holder

Makeup brushes can be stored in a stylish container such as the one featured on hellonatural. It all starts with a glass jar. You take some stockings and you slip the fabric around the glass. Wrap double sided tape around the rim and let the fabric stick to it. Cut off the excess fabric.

Canvas wall pockets

Magazines and newspapers can be stored and organized using a pocket organizer as suggested on themerrythought. You can make the organizer yourself using a few simple things like canvas drop cloth, an iron, straight pins, leather and some d-rings. Check out the full tutorial to find out how the whole project evolves.

Cheese Grater Organizer

For a desk, a fun idea can be to choose funky-looking organizers. For example, you can repurpose an old cheese grater. There’s really no need to make any changes to it unless you want to change its look. It that case you can paint it or decorate it with a few ornaments. But if you prefer the vintage look then everything is really simple.{found on livelaughrowe}.