A Playful Clean House

Everybody loves playing, no matter the age, but the concept of a “playful house” is not very old, on the contrary, but it is intriguing. Beauty can be discovered everywhere, even in a disordered place. There are people who like order more than anything else, but also people who are very messy, but able to find the goods in their mess, there is a sort of order in their disordered lifestyle.

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The house in the pictures is certainly the type of house in which you can find everything in its place, although you might have the feeling that things were placed randomly. All goods have their own place, the only difference is that they are not where we would expect them to be: hidden somewhere, in obscure places where nobody can see them. Here, all the goods are everywhere, but there is that feeling of  a “controlled mess”.

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If the living room is very clean, with an old map hanging on the wall, things are different in the hall where clothes and shoes can be easily seen. In spite of the appearant “mess”, an appropriate one, there is the feeling that only a pleasant place gives, that comfort and coziness which makes you stay as long as you can, as if someone played with all the things in your house, but in spite of the fact that it was not you who did it, you get to like it and to feel at ease.{from boligmagasinet}