A Place to Spend a Lovely Winter Afternoon

It’s wintertime and, where I live, the temps are below freezing and the skies are grey. Grey with smoggy inversion as much as sun-less-ness, which makes things outside particularly dismal. That’s why, when I stumbled across this living room photo, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Neither could I keep from wishing I was there – there, in the middle of that sofa on the left, to be exact, with a throw blanket and a book in my hand but my gaze permanently strayed to that gallery wall. Such a lovely space. I’d love to spend an afternoon here, and let me tell you why:

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1. Soft, rich colors.

Starting with those gorgeous honey-toned wood floors and moving immediately up to the buttery velvet sofas, the space evokes warmth and welcome. The golden hues are echoed within the gallery wall and tempered by plenty of fresh whiteness on the walls and fireplace. The palette is simultaneously elegant and soothing…not exactly an easy combination to strike.

2. White space on abstract art.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and admit that sometimes abstract, modern art is a little intimidating and unsettling. (Probably that’s the point of some of those pieces. But still.) But the art included in this gallery wall is inviting and inspiring, with its simple subject matter framed with plenty of white space before the frame itself. It gives one opportunity to appreciate and reflect, and the art’s built-in “breathing room” adds to the overall serenity.

3. Herringbone floor pattern.

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A classic pattern with a classic material. The beautiful hardwood floor is a bit of luxurious eye-candy to the detail-oriented observer. And the straightforward herringbone pattern subtly adds structure to the curves and abstractions elsewhere.

4. Simple mantel.

While fireplaces are a bonus in a room, it’s my opinion that mantels too often contain far too many objects, piled and layered, vying for one’s immediate attention. The absence of that sense of desperation in this space is a breath of fresh air. The large gilded mirror above the fireplace, which has a beautiful surround in and of itself, is sufficient. I do spy a small bit of something sitting on the left side, which makes me curious and want to investigate up closer.Which is probably the genius intent of a perfectly edited space.

So, if you need me, I’ll be knocking on doors relentlessly in search of this living room. Once found, I intend to spend the afternoon there in a most relaxing and inspired manner. Join me, won’t you?{ images from glitterinc}.