A piece of nature in your home

Most of the times, an empty home doesn’t look so amazing and the furniture is the one that gives a nice appearance and brings a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The white walls won’t give you’re the impulse to buy a home but some nice furniture will make you want it for sure. And, for example, look at this fancy and cool apartment from New York, USA. The furniture is the one that gives the luxurious atmosphere and make you want to live there.

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Designed by the Incorporated Architecture & Design firm and finished in 2009, the Warren Apartment is a contemporary home with some unique and catchy furniture. With wide spaces and big windows, the apartment gives you air to breath only by looking how amazing it is. The modern and unique furniture is very well placed so it doesn’t occupy important space. And, for sure you won`t find this type of chairs or tables in any home.

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Inspired by nature’s creations, the furniture gives a natural air and a eco-friendly one too. Perfect for the nature lovers, this home will make you feel that you’re living outside with nature by your side. Filled with plants and with furniture that looks like trees, you`ll have your own place a copy from nature and you will still be kept safe and live in a New York Building.

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Fancy yet colorful, the furniture from this apartment gives it all: luxury, safety and still keeps it an amazing place where you can invite your friends over for a drink. Imagine how amazed they will be and how proud will you feel with your one of a kind furniture.