A Part of Nature in DIY Rock Runner

Kids go through different stages and have all sorts of behaviors according to the stage they cross over. They have a period when they are unable to go standing on their feet, then they love to go all by themselves and prefer not to be helped by anyone, they have a stage when they are very curious, love to keep things for themselves or a period when they love to share things and play with the other kids. There is also a stage when they need to test everything they touch by taking into their mouth everything they find on the ground and then they love to collect things they find on the ground. Rocks, small pieces of cigarettes, plastic objects and small bottles are among the common things they may collect.

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Although you may not be a kid anymore but you still love to collect things, you may find out that you can also use them some something real nice. If you go on vacation and you find a rocky area, some real nice and flat rocks may help you get a DIY Rock Runner for one of your tables. It will be an item that will always remind you of this vacation or the beautiful part of nature that you have seen.

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Some river rocks, a doormat, some glue and an exacto knife are the things that you will need for this lovely DIY project. You will need to start by arranging your rocks the way you want on the piece of doormat that you have already measured and cut it. The next thing you need to do is to glue the rocks so that you can get the DIY Rock Runner that you have dreamed at.{found on loveumadly}.