A Palma Apartment in Lisboa, Portugal

Palma Apartment is located in Lisboa, Portugal and is a good example of an appropriate modern apartment, based on the separation of space. It is the best model of a new experience, natural, spontaneous and, at the same time, a social space created for things to happen by Pedra Silva Architects in 160 sqm.

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The house is opened from one end to the  other in a wide space which joins the entrance with the service and the social space in a common area. The fireplace represents the perfect element, the one that connects everything, that brings all the things together in this common space. In fact, this open space offers a new dimension to the fireplace, in this environment characterized by whiteness, it is the essential thing seen from a different light.

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There is an impression of some hidden walls which are expected to “appear”, to be seen anytime in this general fluid and spontaneous atmosphere, but so appropriate for the inhabitants nowadays.  In contrast with the white walls, the floors  are also very nice, offering the same impression of open, flexible space in which people can do their eveyday activities or they can receive guests and spend their free time as they want. All the rooms are very modern, in spite of the apparent simplicity, offering a contemporary way of having things done according to our own taste and  mood.