A nice place to eat pancakes from

I love crepes. And in French people make the best French pancakes ever. They have a variety of ways to make them, from crepes to waffles or other pancakes eating them it`s a delight to your senses. But, the most amazing thing is that you can find such a place even in London. Designed by the employees of Paul Crofts Studio, this awesome place from the west of the British capital has lace patterns and gingham printed onto the shelves and tables.

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The Hammersmith Restaurant it is so cozy and welcoming because in the middle of the main room it has a big family table that looks just like the one you find in your mother`s kitchen. The gingham for this table was hand-printed by the illustrator Katharine Gorham. She took care about the familiar look of this amazing place. And, because of this lovely table, you will relive the mornings when your mother made pancakes for all the family.

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And, the most interesting thing is that it even looks like your home kitchen. With a open bar, where you actually can see the cook that makes your pancakes, with nice jars all over the walls and of course with these printed patterns that I already told you about, you`ll want to come here every day for breakfast.

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Inspired by the traditional French bistros and the historic craft of Brittany, this amazing mixture of culture and food fits very well with the contemporary look and the intimate setting. If you don`t have a place in London where you can actually call home, I think we found a place for you. Wait until you taste the pancakes and you`ll know the feeling.