Unique Map-Themed Projects And Makeovers To Try at Home

Maps are not just for display. In fact, there are many interesting ways of using maps in all sorts of unique DIY projects. For example, you can use maps to decorate a piece of furniture which is either old and ugly or which you simply want to customize in this fashion. The idea can be adapted to suit diverse styles.

tween desk collage

A desk can be a pretty great option. You can have its drawer fronts decorated with maps if you want to create a design that’s educational but, more than that, unique. You can use vintage maps if you want. The map desk would be a good addition to a home office or to a child’s room. Depending on the location you can come up with custom ideas for its design. The map fragments would also add a splash of color to the décor.{found on findinghomefarms}.

Dresser makeover with maps

This idea can also be applied to other pieces of furniture. For example, check out how to give a small cabinet a chic makeover by following the instructions on nur-noch. First you need the cabinet and some maps. You can choose to paint the cabinet if the original color or finish don’t match your vision. Then arrange your map pieces into a collage that covers the front of the cabinet doors. Attach them with adhesive. Add a clear coat on top to seal them.

Cabinet files revamp with maps

If you want to change the décor in your office, you can start with the file cabinets. Your first step can be to paint them. This would surely change their look but if you want something more you can also decorate the drawer fronts with map fragments. After spray painting them, let them dry and then adhere the maps to the drawer fronts after removing the knobs or pulls. Seal the maps with a clear coat if you want. Find out more about this project on quardecor.

Coffee table makeover with antique maps

A coffee table can be revamped in a similar way. If you’re curious how you can integrate a map into such a project, check out hometalk for some details. Basically the map covers the top of the coffee table and it covered with glass. Of course, the design of the table allows this type of makeover to be completed without much effort and without transforming its design too much.

Desk with maps on top

The idea of using maps to cover furniture works out well if it’s a vintage or antique piece you have in mind. One example can be the writing desk. In such a case, the colorful maps would definitely look interesting on the desk. In addition, you can use vintage maps for a cohesive look. This desk also features another interesting design element: the yardstick drawer fronts.

Personalised map chairs

Maps can be applied to a lot of things, including chairs. Old school wooden chairs are a perfect option in this case. In addition to the maps you’ll also need some glue, a brush, sandpaper and waterproof varnish to complete the project featured on pillarboxblue. First you should remove the seat and back of the chairs and lightly sand the entire surface. Cut the maps to size and use them to cover the seat and back of the chairs using glue. Add a layer of glue on top as well and then apply protective varnish. Reassemble the chairs.

Candle map
Tray maps
Framed map
Lamp Map shade

Maps coaster

You also have the option of using maps on smaller things like a serving tray, a picture frame, a set of coasters, a candle or a lampshade. Turning an old map into an interesting piece of décor is really simple and you can customize each project according to the items involved as well as the style and the look desired. Found out more about how to decorate with maps on hometalk.