A musician’s TV room featuring unusual storage solutions

Every person has their own preferences when it comes to interior design. We all also have particular needs. For example, one person might prefer a décor with bold colors but might also want it to be relaxing and calm. We found one particular case that also features a similar contradiction. This living room/ TV room was designed for a family of musicians.

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The owners wanted the décor to be simple and contemporary and they also wanted all their musical equipment to be stored out of sight. As a result, the designers had to find a way to balance everything. They had to come up with a storage system for books, musical equipment and everything else that would hide all these things without making the room seem narrow since it was quite small to begin with.

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They also wanted this room to provide a place to sleep and some space for rehearsals. So Russian interior designers Michael Miroshkin and Elen Miroshkina from Geometrix Design had to be creative.

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The designers decided to break the geometry of the room. They decided to think out of the box and to get rid of all the preconceptions they had from traditional decors. The wall on which the TV is mounted was decorated with felt-lined panels, a great soundproof material. Mirrors were attached to the lower and parts of the wall and this creates the impression of a suspended wall. The atmosphere in the room can easily change with the help of a LED strip.