A Multifunctional “Cube”

Usually when you choose an object for your house you try to see how many advantages offer you. A multifunctional object is a perfect choice. Besides its functions you can get more space, more comfort and take advantage of more things at the same time.

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This lighting “cube” was designed by Sandro Agosti, Raphael Steiner, and Marc Zurcher helped by Professor G. Eichinger and on behalf of ETH Zurich bof.It is a multifunctional device. It can be used as many different things at the same time. It can be used as a coffee table, where you can enjoy your nice coffee and relax reading a magazine. You can put different things inside of it like a book, a newspaper, a bowl of candies. So you can use it as a storage place too. From inside you get light, so you can use it as a nice lamp too. It creates a relaxing, romantic atmosphere.

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