A Modern Transformation For The St Pancras Penthouse Apartment in London

The St Pancras Penthouse Apartm London and it has been recently redesigned and transformed. It was a project by Thomas Griem of TG Studio. The 3-bedroom penthouse got a fresh new look. Situated in the grade I listed St Pancras chambers, the apartment is surrounded by 51 other penthouses in this development.

St pancras penthouse apartment

The penthouse occupies the top 3 floors of the west tower. The owner wanted this place to become a home. He wanted it to feel more personal but also luxurious and to have its own identity as opposed to being just another penthouse that gets lost in the crows.

St pancras penthouse apartment1

St pancras penthouse apartment2

St pancras penthouse apartment3

St pancras penthouse apartment4

The designer wasn’t able to make any modifications to the floor plan because of existent rules that prohibited this but he managed however to make other significant changes. For example, all the staircases, balustrading and partitioning were replaced.

St pancras penthouse apartment5

St pancras penthouse apartment6

St pancras penthouse apartment7

St pancras penthouse apartment8

In addition, everything from the bathroom, kitchen and built-in wardrobes has been removed along with the flooring. The master bedroom is located on the top floor and it can be accessed through a new staircase. The space was enlarged and the team also created a new walk-in wardrobe. The master bedroom is part of an open floor plan but it can also be enclosed when needed by an electrical-operated curtain.

St pancras penthouse apartment10

St pancras penthouse apartment11

St pancras penthouse apartment13

St pancras penthouse apartment12

St pancras penthouse apartment9

As for the rest of the apartment, the team tried to personalize it by replacing all the furniture with something more stylish. At the same time, they also managed to add some color into the décor. The bedroom, for example, has a blue velvet bed and bedside tables featuring vibrant colors. The master suite has a stone wall and a very large walk-in shower with a TV. The other two floors are entertainment spaces. They are connected by a new staircase and a bridge leads to the library.