A modern office in Zeist by Hollandse Nieuwe

This office is located in Zeist, The Netherlands and it was developed by Hollandse Nieuwe for the Dutch premiere and first league football association and two other associated organizations. The building was not built from scratch. It’s actually a villa that has been almost entirely rebuilt. Only the façade has been preserved.Since the exterior is the only original element, the office features a strong discrepancy between the interior and the exterior designs.

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The façade is traditional, a typical historical mansion. The interior however is very modern and presents no similarities with the exterior. The mansion was turned into an office in 2012. It was a project with an area of 1,500 square meters and the predominant color for the interior is green which, in combination with white, results is a very fresh look.

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The office has a minimalist interior. The crisp white walls create a very airy look white the green detailing add color but are rather simple without being overwhelming. The atmosphere inside is a perfect reflection of the décor: crisp and fresh. Visually, the contrast between the traditional exterior and modern interior is very strong and impressive but this only makes the office more attractive and unique. It serves as a meeting place for football professionals and it has that formal look that is required in such cases but it also has a casual side that allows it to feel very comfortable and inviting.{pics by Gerard van Beek}.