A modern loft where reclaimed pallets were cleverly integrated into the design

As you may have noticed, people these days are more and more concerned about recycling and repurposing everything. In interior décor, wooden pallets are extremely popular and appreciated. They are very versatile and can be integrated in any type of décor. They can even look chic in a modern or contemporary space. A perfect example would be this loft.

Reclaimed pallet interior design

Located in Italy, the loft was designed by Florence-based studio q-bic. It’s actually the attic of a 19th century industrial building from the historic center of Florence. It has been renovated and it now features a modern and unique interior. For the renovation, the style chosen was simple, modern and focused on functionality. The loft has a total of 1,937 square feet of living space. It contains several areas, one of which is a multi-purpose space designed to host small events ad to also function as a guest space.

Reclaimed pallet interior design1

Reclaimed pallet interior design2

Reclaimed pallet interior design3

Reclaimed pallet interior design4

The interior has been structured into several semi-open spaces. They resemble partitions, each with a different function. To emphasize this idea, each section has been painted in a different hue. Still, the overall décor is cohesive and harmonious. But besides the layout of this place there is one more detail that makes it stand out and that’s the clever use of wooden pallets.

Reclaimed pallet interior design5

Reclaimed pallet interior design6

Reclaimed pallet interior design7

Reclaimed pallet interior design8

Reclaimed pallet interior design9

Reclaimed pallets were used here to make lots of functional pieces of furniture. For example, the kitchen features an island with a base made of pallets placed one of top of the other. Not only that it looks chic but it also has lots of storage compartments. A similar strategy was used for the bathroom furniture. In the case of this loft, the pallet furniture integrates perfectly into the décor thanks to the similarities it presents with the wooden ceilings. The overall result is a harmonious, casual, chic and modern interior.