A Modern Lighthouse At The Pacific Bondi Beach

Until not so long ago, this beautiful piece of land in Sydney used to be dominated by the Swiss Grand Hotel. Then developer Eduars Litver decided it was to make a change so it got transformed into the Pacific Bondi Beach that now offers 95 apartments including 19 lighthouse penthouses, 69 boutique hotel apartments as a range of luxury restaurants, cafes and bars.

Lighthouses Pacific Bondi Beach Sydney

The lighthouse penthouses are very stylish and here’s an example that perfectly illustrates the wonderful decor. The designers wanted the design of these spaces to be inspired by the beautiful surrounded nature and wanted them to feature the concept of natural luxury. Notice how the designer played with texture, color and pattern in this space.

Lighthouses Pacific Bondi Beach Sydney1

Lighthouses Pacific Bondi Beach Sydney2

Lighthouses Pacific Bondi Beach Sydney3

The balance is perfect and the décor is very harmonious. The goal was to create an elegant and luxurious space that, as the same time, feels light and inviting.The interior designers exploited the theme of elements in this project and they used neutral color palettes, natural materials such as wood and stone and soft textures in order to create a warm, elegant and timeless look. The ambiance here is very pleasant.

Lighthouses Pacific Bondi Beach Sydney4

Lighthouses Pacific Bondi Beach Sydney5

Lighthouses Pacific Bondi Beach Sydney6

The lighthouse penthouses also have undulating rooftops that replicate the waves of the ocean so it’s not just the interior that creates a connection with nature and the surroundings. They also have semi-automated doors and skylights that let the light and sun invade the rooms and that also open the spaces to the exterior. The penthouses are surrounded by beautiful lawns, gardens and beautiful outdoor living spaces.