A minimalist white décor complemented by bold colors and striking artwork

Usually, when walls are left white, it’s an intentional move meant to highlight a certain feature or part of the décor. In some cases, the highlight is the furniture with either its unusual shapes and forms or with its colors. Other times, it’s the artwork and the way it stands out and contrasts with the white background. In the case of this modern home, both these elements stand out beautifully.

Light house by Maria Lladó

The walls are white throughout this space and this way the artwork and the furniture create interesting and colorful focal points. This nice combination of colors and the ratios used also create a very fresh and clean look. The continuous floor space also emphasizes the beauty of this airy space.

Light house by Maria Lladó1

Light house by Maria Lladó2

Light house by Maria Lladó3

Light house by Maria Lladó4

As for the rest of the décor, the cubic forms of some of the furniture pieces such as the desk, the tables or the consoles are contrasting with the rounded shapes of some of the other pieces and create a very nice balance.

Light house by Maria Lladó5

Light house by Maria Lladó6

Light house by Maria Lladó7

Light house by Maria Lladó8

Light house by Maria Lladó9

This house has been recently built and the modern décor is definitely strong. When choosing the design and interior décor, the owners wanted to visually connect the internal spaces with the garden and they managed to do that with the use of bold colors and strong forms. The large windows let in natural light while also revealing the beauty of the outdoors and making the views a part of the décor.{found on nuevo-estilo}.