A Minimalist And Graceful Loft That Lacks Color But Makes Up In Style

Although color is very important in any interior design and décor, the lack of it can be just as great when you want to create a statement décor and when you want to transmit a certain idea and feeling. White decors are usually chosen when a home lacks space as to make the rooms seem larger. But they can also be considered very stylish regardless of the dimensions. For example, we have found this beautiful loft.

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The Flatiron Loft is situated in Manhattan. When you put all the information together, a clear image starts to appear in your head. Here, in the busy Manhattan, you have nowhere to go for some peace and quiet. So what everyone wants is to at least enjoy some simplicity when they get home. This flat is a perfect representation of that. It’s minimalist, very serene and it lacks any kind of color that would only make it feel less tranquil.

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Here there was no need for a dynamic interior décor because it’s easy to get that from outside. Instead, the designer wanted this to be a simple and calm retreat for its owner. However, the flat is not completely lacking dynamism. The décor is not monotonous and it does have some spark in it. The difference here is that instead of using color, the designer turned to shapes, lines and texture.

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The reflective chrome vases and the glossy kitchen cabinets perfectly reflect that. Once you get familiar with this space, you’ll begin to notice that white is not the same in all the rooms but it knows variations and has plenty of character.{found on site}.