A Men’s Apartment in New York

We’re all different and unique so, naturally, our homes share the same characteristics. An apartment should always match the style of the person living in it. So, for example, you can see clear differences between a woman’s apartment and one that belongs to a man. Today we found this lovely man cave so we’re going to explore the subject a little further.

Andrew 31

Usually, the conception is that a man’s apartment should have a very masculine feel, with dark colors and furniture and with leather sofas. In reality, it’s not exactly like that. Still, there’s some truth in that. This apartment, for example, does look masculine. But it’s mostly because of the finishes and colors. Located in Washington Heights, New York, the apartment covers a surface of 1000 square feet. The owners are two gentlemen who share this place with 3 dogs.

Andrew 28

Andrew 24

Andrew 23

Andrew 40

The main color palette is simple with shades of grey and brown but there are also lots of other colors involved. Each room has a different color on the walls. The living area has beautiful blue walls and exposed brick surfaces while the bedrooms feature shades of green on the walls. The bathroom is also a cheerful space. With yellow walls and pink chairs, this is a very chic space. Throughout the apartment, the décor is simple without unnecessary additions. Still, it has character.