A loft with a functional, industrial-style interior

This loft was designed by Maxim Zhukov for its young owners. The plan was to take advantage of all the space and to create a series of functional spaces that don’t necessarily have to seem like they have been carefully decorated but rather just featuring a thrown-in style. They wanted this to be a casual home.The loft was separated into several spaces. However, it was not the traditional delimitation you would expect to be where the apartment is divided into social and private spaces.

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This casual loft features a bedroom area that, on top of it, has an office. It’s a very unusual space. The designer took advantage of the high ceiling and decided to add an extra level without actually slitting the whole apartment into two floors. The user can just jump right into bed once he’s finished working.

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The loft features a strong industrial influence. The living and kitchen areas have exposed wiring and ducting and they continue in the same tone. The furniture tends to have a softness to it that adds a little cozyness to this space making it more inviting. Industrial interiors are usually cold and not that cozy. The exposed brick walls have a rough, unfinished look and the whole décor tends to be a little dramatic. Still, this is the look that the clients wanted for their home and their vision has become reality.