A line of smart furniture with timeless designs by Jetclass

When you first look at this line of products it seems very strange. The pieces have this classical, distinguished look that placed them several years before our times and yet they are incredibly technologically advanced and they exceed most contemporary furniture pieces. The series was created by Portuguese design company Jetclass. It’s a line of luxury products that are timeless in craft and modern in terms of technology.

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The company created several collections. Each of them focuses on a specific design element and exploits it is numerous ways. For example, the New York Collection has a look specific to the 1930s. It’s a glamorous collection that also adds a contemporary twist to all its pieces.But what all collections have in common is this unique combination between the classical design and state of the art technology. These furniture pieces are both smart and beautiful.

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And just to let you have a glimpse at their unique features, you should know that several of them have automated chests and frames that hide electronics such as flat screen TVs and media players. Some items have mini fridges incorporated in their design and they open at the press of a button. Also, most of them have drawers with secret compartments that can only be revealed on command. The pieces are sleek and stylish, have lacquered finishes with silver accents that may vary in color from old gold, rustic north to more bold and vibrant tones.