A house with perfect indoor-outdoor communication

The advantage of having a house as opposed to an apartment is that you have the freedom to include the outdoor areas into your everyday routine. You feel closer to nature and you get to have lovely gardens, beautiful views and even an outdoor kitchen. This house has all that and more. It’s a house where there’s almost no difference between the indoor and outdoor areas.

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Here, there’s a seamless connection with the nature and the surrounding environment. The house has an open interior and a very similar décor for both areas. The choice of materials was also very important in this case. It creates a strong connection and a natural communication between the interior and the exterior.

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It seems ironical but it’s as if this house was designed for outdoor living. It has beautiful views over the harbor so even when you’re inside you feel a very strong connection with the outdoors. Moreover, the property has a beautiful porch and a lovely outdoor dining area.

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The interior is an open floor plan with no clear delimitations between the rooms. The continuity of the décor along with the choice of materials creates a very harmonious atmosphere throughout. The living room features a beautiful fireplace and an integrated library. Throughout the house there are many windows of rather small dimensions that allow a continuous flow of natural light while also allowing views from any corner. The décor for the interior areas but also for the outdoor spaces is very similar. It’s simple and very inviting and welcoming.{found on micasarevista}.