A house with a very dynamic and diverse interior, dominated by pattern

The house of stylist Susanna Vento is not just any ordinary space. It’s a home best described as dynamic without being overwhelmed by color. The most impressive detail is the huge amount of diverse patterns. Just like colors and textures, patterns are difficult to combine. It takes skill and talent to be able to come up with a cohesive design using this many different patterns.

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All these patterns are definitely the star of the design. Notice that all the walls, floors and ceiling are crisp white and this serves as a great neutral background for everything else. The diversity and multitude of patterns creates several focal points in each room’s décor. What’s also interesting and clever is that, even though apparently there are lots of individual patterns and models, the combinations are not chaotic but rather simple and well-thought.

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The patterns that are combined in each room present plenty of common features and this gives them something to share in order to avoid creating random images. In the dining room, for example, the shapes are the same but used differently. The colors are also limited to black and white with subtle blue accents. In the bedroom and especially in the office area, the focus shifts from pattern as a main element to color. The furniture and everything else are secondary to the accent details and decorative elements.{found on boligmagasinet}.