A house to do yoga and meditation

Bonett-Kozerski has designed a beautiful house built by Stephen Wiess who is the late husband of Donna Karan. Their house is located at East Hampton and it overlooks the gorgeous Long Island seashore. The same style is maintained by the studio in the case of landscape and interior designing, which it had done earlier for Donna Karan’s residences and stores. This beautiful house that has sliding windows is mainly used for yoga and meditation as the view from these windows is excellent.

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It seems a little exaggerated to have a house for yoga and meditation. But when you think about it it’s not such a bad idea. If I has the resources I think I would build myself a house like this, but not for yoga because I’m not a fan for this practice. But for simple relaxation.

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It’s nice to have a place of your own where you can go to relax, calm down, have a nice time and release all the stress from your body, regardless if it’s done using yoga, meditation, the sauna or other practices. As you can see from the pictures, everything about this house is related to relaxation and it’s meant to make you calm. The colors, the furniture, the fireplace, the flowers, everything is creating a calm space, the perfect place for a getaway. Everybody needs a break from time to time that keeps you from becoming crazy.