A High-Tech Toilet Set I’ve Ever Seen

Not many of us would think about toilets in terms of high technology. Still, the Brondell’s Swash 1000 Toilet Seat seems to be one of the greatest evolutions in the field of high-tech toiletry. What makes this hi-tech toilet set so different? First, it is in-built with bidet and something you would not expect – it is capable of adjusting water temperature between 89.6 to 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Then, there is the aspect which can be considered by most people hilarious and that is the massage mode that controls both width and angle. The nano-coated bidet, next to the deodorizer and air-drier complete the sterile process, everything can be operated by a remote control, and all the fun costs only $600.

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This toilet set is simple and complex at the same time and it proves that high quality always fits into the pattern, no matter what kind of product we take into account. It is a perfect example of the progress of all things nowadays, no matter the field, the product or the service. A toilet set is such a common thing for every person that the difference is made by the budget and interest; a rich person will definitely buy such a luxury product, while a poor one will not even think about or consider it something of too small importance.{found on Brondell and gizmodo}.