A Guide To Select The Perfect Wall Color

Colors are known to give life to anything and everything. It is used to express thoughts, energy, emotion and many other things. It is the color of the wall of the room that imparts the background for the design element. The selection of the wall color is very vital as it is going to either make or break the overall atmosphere and look of the room.


As all of are aware that colors are often addressed as cool and warm. Pink, red and orange is considered to be warm colors, whereas green, blue and violet is considered to be cool. Try to ascertain the purpose of the room before deciding to go for either of warm or cool color. For instance, social rooms such as dining room, living room, or kitchen fare better with warm colors. Study, hallways and bedroom are calmer areas and look better with cool colors. On the other hand, beige and white are considered to be the safe colors as they possess a neutral look and are known to suit all sorts of décor.


No matter which color you select, make sure to add contrasts in colors. Painting the entire room from ceiling to the floor in a single color will give a very monotonous look. Painting the trim is the ideal way to add contrasts in color without the need of painting a big section of the room in some other color. Paint the window frames, doors, and moldings in space.

The wall color should match with the furniture. Either you can get the walls painted first and then buy the furniture or buy the furniture first and accordingly dress the walls. If your furniture has a cool and light tone then you should select cool colors for your walls such as pink or green. On the other hand, if your furniture bears darker shades then the walls should wear muted colors such as beige, white or gray.

The finish of the paint also contributes equally to the end result. You can choose between texture, matte or gloss finish. If you desire to create more drama in the room and desire a bright look then settle for gloss finish. A matte finish reflects less of light and hence reduces the glare and the drama. You may also go for a semi – gloss or semi – matte finish or combine gloss with texture or matte with texture.