A Green Weaving Club House by Hyunjoon Yoo Architects

If you are a sportsperson in general and a golf fan in particularly and you visit South Korea, then you have to see and try the golf club house in Jeollawam-do. Nothing special so far, but wait until you see this place which is a heaven corner for golf players, but also for people who simply like nature.

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Playing golf is not only a way of spending your free time, but at the same time,  supposes to practise a sport and to spend time in nature. What else can you ask for? Nothing if you expect to find yourself in a normal golf field, but the Green Weaving Club House designed by Hyunjoon Yoo Architects is not an ordinary place; it is a place where people can eat, talk  and even take a bath while admiring nature.

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In fact, this green club house is a building cut from place to place, with corners of nature between the rooms. Spending time in this unique place which is both a modernist building and an ideal green space with original forms, it is not only a way of being healthy, but also a way of communicating with nature, of spending free time in a very pleasant way.

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It is the perfect combination of modern architecture and natural surroundings, of contemporary buildings and special forms and green spaces and unique  landscapes. It is one of those places in the world that really worth being seen in a lifetime.