A fun and colorful loft with a creative interior design

It’s very interesting to find modern apartments in old buildings because of the contrast and the way they integrate there. This loft, for example, has a modern and fun interior but, if you step back, it doesn’t really have much in common with the rest of the building. It’s a nice way of individualizing your home. We are all unique and different and our homes should be the same. They should reflect our character and everything we like.

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So let’s see what we can find out about the owners just by looking at this apartment. Well, we see from the start that it’s modern and colorful, suitable for someone that prefers a more dynamic lifestyle. The loft is also full of unexpected features that work together to form a harmonious décor. Notice all the unusual artwork that stands out and that makes this place so interesting. There’s a very nice and balanced combination of simple and unexpected elements.

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In the living room, for example, there’s plenty of color but the color palette is actually not that complex. It’s more about the shades and textures. The white sofa is accessorized with leather and fabric cushions, each featuring a different color.

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The armchairs have a nice orange/coral color that matches the accents in the painting. Another nice accent feature is the rug. The brown is almost identical to the stain on the floor so the rug partially disappears into the décor. But besides all these small details, the loft also stands out with its functional distribution and layout.{found on lakbermagazin}.