A Few Ways To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Hallway

The hallway is the part of the house that connects several rooms and that is usually first seen when entering the front door. It’s why it’s important for this space to look inviting. It could be considered a reflection of the entire home. One might wonder what can be done to make this area look more inviting and more beautiful. Well, we have a few suggestions.

Striped walls.

Traditional oriental rug

Stripes are chic and always beautiful. If you use horizontal stripes on the hallway walls then this portion will seem longer. You can use large stripes in contrasting colors or you can combine several shades for a more dynamic approach.

Bold paint.

Traditional oriental rug

Another solution would be to paint the walls of the hallway in a bold and vibrant color. This way it will stand out and you can also play with variations of the same color when choosing accessories such as the carpet or the area rug. Patterns can also be a part of the design.

Create a gallery.

Traditional oriental rug

If you want to give character to the walls of your hallway then a good idea would be to create a gallery. You can select family photos or pictures from your travels and you can display them along the wall. Use matching frames for a clean and elegant look.

Add some shelves.

Traditional oriental rug

The hallway is not usually a very practical space. It’s more of a transitional area. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of it and turn into a display area. By adding shelves on the hallway you’ll be able to both store and display all sorts of items, from collections to all sorts of decorations.

Pay attention to the lighting.

Traditional oriental rug

A problem that can sometimes appear is related to lighting. The hallway is an enclosed space that usually has no windows. It’s why it’s important to choose the right type of lighting. A single pendant light will probably be insufficient so it’s best to have two or to choose spotlights or some other type of lighting.

Create a focal point.

Traditional oriental rug

Given the fact that the hallway is usually a tight and long space, it could be helpful to create a focal point so that it wouldn’t seem so cramped. This way the eyes will focus on that particular spot and will most likely ignore elements that would be disturbing in different conditions.

Use a carpet.

Traditional oriental rug

By using long and narrow carpets on the hallway you’ll emphasize its shape and size. In other words, you’ll make it seem even longer. This can be helpful when you prefer to maintain a clean and simple décor for the rest of this space and would rather not use bold colors for the walls or eye-catching decorations.

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