A few ways and accessories to transform your room

It’s a well-known fact that a few small details and a few accessories can completely change the way a room looks. For example, a room with absolutely no accessories is an empty room. Regardless of all the other elements such as the furniture, the color of the walls and everything else, a room needs accessories to feel complete. Here a few examples that demonstrate how a room drastically changes its look with the help of a few small accessories and a few suggestions for how you can do the same in your home.

1. Go seasonal.

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Halloween table decoration

It’s always fun to get ready for a new holiday. Since this year’s Halloween is just around the corner, you could start decorating your home with seasonal elements. It doesn’t have to be overly festive. Just change a few things here and there. To avoid changing the décor often, you could also let the four seasons guide you. Now we’re somewhere in between so you could still go with an autumnal interior décor.

2. Choose a rug.

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Choose a modern & colorful carpet for a fresh look

The rug is one of the major elements that can contribute to the way a room looks like. It’s an important accent piece so choose it carefully. A patterned rug would look beautiful in a simple room with no other major elements that can create focal points. The colors don’t necessarily need to stand out. You can make the rug the star of your décor through pattern or texture alone.

3. Bold pillows.

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Colorful pillows for your living room

The rug’s almost twin brother is the pillow. It’s another main element that is often used as an accent detail in interior decors. A few colorful pillows can make a room go from boring to bold. In a neutral living room you can opt for color, pattern or both. Choose pillows in colors that you like but make sure the color palette remains restraint. Go with alternating patterns for a stronger effect and combine them to obtain a dynamic décor.

4. Choose your favorite corner.

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Pay more attention to your favorite corner

Anyone has a favorite corner in a room. In a living room, most often it’s the corner with the sofa so the decision in choosing it is rather practical. So when you place the furniture, make sure you choose a bright corner for the sofa and armchairs. Assuming this is also your favorite corner of the room, try to make it feel as comfortable as possible. Add a few candles, comfy pillows, a floor lamp, some personal photos and curtains for the windows in case you want to avoid the sometimes annoying sunlight.

5. Arrange your artwork.

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Arrange your artwork if you want to display it

Artwork is another way in which you can completely change the atmosphere and décor of a room. A room that is initially neutral, cold and not that inviting can become bold, dynamic and alluring. It all depends from case to case. In a neutral décor, use bold and colorful artwork to balance the atmosphere. Try to either create one or two focal points or to scatter the artwork all over the room.

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