A Few tips That Can Help You Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh And Healthy

Christmas just doesn’t feel right without a Christmas tree. This is the element that gets you and your guests into the holiday spirit, the detail that brings joy to your home during the holiday season. Of course, fresh, real Christmas trees are the best. But keeping them healthy and beautiful during Christmas is not that easy. But there are a few things that you can do to make things better.


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By keeping the Christmas tree out of direct sunlight you can make sure it won’t dry up. It’s also important to keep it away from the fireplace even if the image of the two elements together is very beautiful and festive.


It’s important to put the Christmas tree in water. But before you do that, you can also make a perpendicular cut in the base of the tree. The cut should be 1.5’’ thick and you can make it with a saw. It’s another trick that can help the tree stay fresh longer.


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You also have to be careful when you decorate the Christmas tree because this can damage it as well. Make sure you don’t use too many Christmas lights because this can cause the tree to overheat. The tree will dry out and its needles will fall out quicker.


When you choose the spot where you want to display your Christmas tree, make sure it’s big enough for it to fit easily. It’s not ok to try to squeeze a large tree in a small space. Not only that it won’t look good but this will also damage the tree.


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Make sure your Christmas tree has fresh cold water at all times. It needs to be hydrated if you want it to stay fresh and healthy. The water should never be warmer than room temperature so check it periodically.


The Christmas tree also absorbs water through its needles so another way of making sure it stays fresh and healthy is to get a spray bottle, fill it with cold water and spray the tree once a day. Before you do that, make sure all the lights and electrical elements around the tree are unplugged to avoid accidents.