Useful Tips That Teach You How To Paint A Rug Like A Pro

Finding a rug that actually looks exactly how you want it to look is, as it turns out, a very difficult task. Most of the time we’re happy just to find something that fits without even paying attention to the little details. But that’s not how it should be. If you want your rug to have the colors and the pattern or design that you want you’d better paint it yourself.

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For best results you should start with a plain white rug. This way you can be certain the colors you use on it will look accurate. Let’s say you want to have a striped rug and black and white are your chosen colors. Take some tape and the rug and go outside. Create a pattern using tape and make sure you place the lines accurately so the dimensions of the stripes match. Then paint the stripes one by one using acrylic paint. Let the paint dry and remove the tape.{found on unusuallylovely}.

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The design you choose can include variations of patterns. You can use this strategy to make it look as if two separate rugs were put together side by side. For example, make vertical or horizontal stripes on one section of the rug and angled stripes on the remaining portion. Use different colors for the two sections. {found on designimprovised}.

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There’s also the option to make the rug yourself. It can actually just be a piece of canvas material. Cut it to the appropriate size and shape. After this, start painting it. You’ll need acrylic paint, sponge brushes and cardstock for the stencil. Check out the design on octoberjune and adjust it to make it suit your own preferences.

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A cloth rug can also be painted using tape to create the pattern instead of a stencil. On welivedhappilyeverafter you can find a detailed description of how this process would go. The rug has to be ironed so it stays perfectly flat on the floor. You need to be precise when taping the lines if you want the pattern to come out accurately.

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When selecting the rug or the design you’ll be using for its makeover, try to incorporate its original color and only add a pattern or a design on top of it. The new color should be darker than the existing one. So if the rug is gray such as the one on oh-my-goods, you can paint some black details on it.

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When dealing with a repetitive pattern such as stripes or the design idea offered on yayapartmenting, you should mark with a small piece of tape which sections should not be painted so you don’t accidentally ruin the whole pattern. When choosing the color, pick something that complements the rug as well as the room as a whole.

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Something about the striped rug featured on bowsandsparrows makes this pattern really intriguing. The combination of colors is beautiful as well and this makes the rug stand out even more. All you need for such a project is a plain area rug, some painter’s tape and paint. Painting the stripes will be quite fun and satisfying.

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For designs that are a bit more complicated than just simple parallel stripes, you should consider using a stencil. You can find out more about such a project on mountainmodernlife. Print out the stencil and transfer it onto cardstock. Then cut it out and transfer the shape on the rug, after which you paint inside it.

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Outdoor terraces or decks can be quite cozy without a rug but adding one would definitely change the whole ambiance. However, using a rug outdoors is not very practical. You can still take advantage of the look it would offer by painting a rug directly onto the floor. The idea comes from abeautifulmess and is very ingenious.