A few things you should know about colors before painting your home

Choosing the right color for a room is never easy. Some colors are more suitable for a certain space while others might look better in a different area. Each color transmits something and this is what you should focus on when choosing the color for your home. Also, make sure the color you choose matches with the style you want to adopt for the décor.

1. Red.

Red bedroomView in gallery

Red is a powerful color. It’s usually associated with passion and romance. It would be a nice color for the bedroom. However, painting the whole bedroom red would be overwhelming so consider accent walls instead.{picture from site}.

2. Blue.

Blue roomView in gallery

Blue is a soothing color. It’s the colors of the sky, also associated with water. There are several shades of blue and they each express something different. A pastel tone is relaxing and calming while dark blue tends to be a little more aggressive.{found on Tracy}.

3. Brown.

Brown living roomView in gallery

Brown is a friendly, earthy color that can be easily matched with anything else. It’s also an elegant color that would look nice in the living room but it’s also perfect for a man cave. However, it should be combined with brighter colors to avoid creating a dark and depressing atmosphere.{picture from here}.

4. Green.

Green roomView in gallery

Green is very refreshing. It’s the color of grass and usually associated with nature. It’s a color that would be great for a room with large windows, preferably one that also has access to the outdoors or views of the landscape.{picture from site}.

5. Black.

Black livingView in gallery

Black seems like a very radical color. Many people avoid using it in their homes because they fear it might create a negative environment. In reality, black could be a great accent color. Use it on a single wall and add contrasting decorations.{picture found here}.

6. Yellow

Yellow roomView in gallery

Yellow is a very cheerful color. It’s the color of the sun and it’s perfect for holiday homes. It’s also a preferred color during summer months. A pale tone of yellow for the walls could easily make a room feel warm and cozy.{found on kbk}.

7. Purple.

Purple roomView in gallery

Purple is a color that looks wonderful in combination with grey. It’s a cold color but it’s also very bold. It would make a great accent color for the living room and it also looks nice in combination with green.{found on site}.