A few decor ideas and suggestions for your billiards room

If you’re lucky enough to have the space and the possibility to have a billiards room in your home, then there’s plenty to think about before decorating it. It’s not as simple as having a pool table in the room with nothing else around it. In order for the room to feel inviting and fun you have to put a little more thought into the décor. Hopefully these suggestions will help.

Elegant touches.

Biliard room with bar1
Dramatic billiards room featuring an elegant chandelier and rich wooden features
Biliard room with bar1
Traditional billiards room featuring intricate detailing on the pool table furniture in general

The key to creating an elegant décor for your billiards room is knowing which colors and textures to choose and how to combine them. Neutrals are always simple and safe options. You could paint the walls beige, maybe add a few brown details and opt for rich colors and textures for your wooden furniture. The lighting also plays an important role so make sure you choose everything carefully.

Modern beauty.

Biliard room with bar1
Spacious billiards room featuring a built-in fireplace and grey and blue accents throughout
Biliard room with bar1
Stylish and cozy billiards room featuring delicate curved details and an earthy color palette

If you prefer a modern décor for your billiards room then you should focus your attention on maintaining a certain simplicity throughout the room and choosing chic and stylish accessories. The colors are also important and you opt, in this case, for a simple and neutral background with a few bold accents throughout the décor.

Contemporary minimalism.

Biliard room with bar1
Contemporary billiards room featuring red walls and eye-catching lighting fixtures

A contemporary billiards room should include a pool table with a rather futuristic design as well as an interesting lighting fixture that either has a bold shape or vibrant color. As for the color palette in general, you can feel free to include bold accents in the case of the walls, ceiling as well as throughout the room.

Billiard rooms with bars.

Biliard room with bar1
Traditional billiards room with a bar and an adjacent sitting area
Biliard room with bar1
Elegant and inviting billiards room featuring a custom bar pub-style seating
Biliard room with bar1
Contemporary billiards room with bar and cozy seating furniture

Usually when you’re playing pool you often feel the need to take a break, have a drink or simply sit at the bar while your friend(s) take a turn at trying to beat your score (assuming you’re good at this game). It’s why having a bar in the billiards room seems like a very natural and wise idea. It doesn’t have to be anything complex if you don’t have the space.

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