A few factors that will help you decide which apartment floor is best for you

When you’re searching for a new apartment to move into, things such as the location, the price, the views are very important. However, the floor on which the apartment is situated is also important and most often all these factors and interrelated. So how exactly you should choose on which floor you want to live? For some people the choice is very easy to make. For others, it’s not that simple. Hopefully, we can help with that. We have selected a few factors that, analyzed, can help you reach a decision.

1. The level of security.


Obviously, those living on the ground floor or basement need to pay extra attention to this factor. Living on the lower levels can be risky for a number of reasons. It’s much easier for criminals to break into an apartment located on the ground floor. They can do that from the outside without having to climb the walls. To avoid such situations it would be helpful to have bars at the windows and doors. But if you are already worried about the security level of your home, it would be best to choose a higher floor.

2. The noise.

Another important factor is the noise. It might not seem that important at first when you have to deal with other things but it can really drive you crazy after that. Higher levels usually minimize traffic and street noise. But ground-floor apartments can be just as annoying as all the other tenants will be walking through the hallway making noise. So there’s really no way of completely escaping noise. All you can do is decide which part is the most suitable in the area where you plan to find your new home.

3. Easy access.


It might seem like an insignificant detail but if you consider yourself an impatient person than you’ll probably get annoyed every time you have to wait for the elevator to arrive. If it also makes several stops on its way to the ground floor than it can be a real inconvenient that might even ruin your day. Waiting for the elevator to arrive is also annoying when you have to get to work quickly. So if you think this will be a problem it would be better to opt for an apartment on the ground floor or on a lower level where you can take the stairs.

4. The views


The views are one of the most important factors. Some people choose their home based on the views they offer. So if you would like to be able to admire panoramic views from the comfort of your home, then the higher levels are for you. Of course, if you have fear of heights you might have to compromise.

5. The money.

And of course, there’s the money. Usually, the higher the apartment is situated, the higher the price is. So if you’re looking to move into an area that doesn’t have spectacular views and if there’s no other important reason for choosing an apartment on a higher floor, you could save significant money by moving into an apartment situated on a lower level. The closer to the ground you’ll be, the more money you’ll save.