A DIY Modern Kitchen Island for Kids

As my little daughter is just one year old she cannot walk properly by herself and I need to walk with her by taking her hand. She is a kid full of energy like many others and most of the time we walk. She takes me everywhere in the house: on the hall, in the living room, in one of the bedrooms and kitchen too. When we go out it happens the same thing, we go everywhere and especially to other kids or some other people too.

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She is very sociable and curious. One of the things she loves is to check every button of the kitchen cooker. She touches every button although I always tell her she is not allowed to touch them. Then she checks every cabinet where she can find all sorts of bowls, saucers and things like that.It seems that Kirsten thought that his three year old son would love kitchen too. She made him a modern play kitchen island for his birthday.

Kitchen island kids1

The amazing thing about her DIY project is related to the fact that the kid has access to all the four sides of his kitchen. Its wheels favour this thing too and make of it a toy which can be moved easily to another room.Kirsten made use for her DIY project of materials and accessories available from IKEA and she has started with a Lack table and Grundtal accessories. It is a kitchen island which looks more like a real one. It is equipped with everything it needs and it is a very funny and educational toy for kids.{found on augusthimmel}