Loft Stockholm Interior Design Featuring White Painted Beams

Scandinavian homes are always charming because of their wonderful Nordic style. However, not all of them adopt this specific type of design. Some owners and designers prefer to mix styles and to create something different and unique. For example, take a look at this lovely loft. As you can see, it doesn’t have that typical Nordic interior.

Stockholm loft2

The loft features an eclectic interior design with many different influences and looks. Still, it’s visible that it’s a Scandinavian home because of the very clean and bright décor. The walls and ceilings and white throughout the apartment and this makes it feel very bright and very airy.

Stockholm loft

Stockholm loft1

Stockholm loft3

But there are also colorful influences that break the monotony of the décor and that also add a nice bohemian touch to this space. I’m talking about the soft yet bold touches of color strategically spread throughout the rooms.The loft has a difficult architecture. The slanted ceiling makes any space seem smaller and makes interior décor more challenging as you can’t fully use that space.

Stockholm loft4

Stockholm loft5

Stockholm loft6

Stockholm loft7

In this case, however, it adds a nice cozy touch to the rooms. Also, the skylights show the benefits of having such an architecture. What’s also nice is how practical and well-organized the loft is and how smooth the transition from one space to another can be.{found on site}.