A Cupcake Shop Design Can Make You Happy

Nothing compares to the objects, the atmosphere and sometimes even the taste that makes you remember something from the past, that feeling of “deja-vu”, the home-like air. Mim Design was in charge with the interior design for  nothing else than a cupcake shop in Melbourne, Australia. Joy Cupcakes are definitely among the things that make you think about a “home” style kitchen with pleasant colors and handmade tiles, the tasty sweets that only your mother could do for you, or better said cupcakes with natural ingredients.

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This idea of natural is given everywhere, not only referring to ingredients, but also to a warm and natural atmosphere, rendered through warm timbers, soft colors and hand crafted materials that make you want to touch them. The main objective of this store was fully accomplished: the sense of joy and happiness is installed all around in order to make you feel as you never felt before.

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The light, the cupcake design, the tables, the soft and so pleasant colors on the handmade tiles, everything here makes you smile, feel good and enjoy yourself. The general idea, which is indeed very important, is to forget all the problems and worries and dare to do the things that make us happy, no matter which they are. If Joy Cupcake helps you feel good, smile and enjoy yourself, then everything is perfect and everybody is happy!