A contemporary beach house on a recovered sandstone quarry in Sydney

Situated in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on a site that is a recovered sandstone quarry, this beach house offers views over Chinaman’s Beach and Sydney Heads. It was built in 2010 and it was a project by Fox Johnston. The house occupies an area of 503 square meters.Initially, the plan was to build a series of platforms stepping down the site. They would also have enclosed the courtyards for protection and would have offered access to the north-east views.

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Instead, a different approach was chosen Two curved volumes were designed. They enclose the internal areas and the imposing copper wall also protects these spaces from unwanted views and offers privacy. The two volumes that were built sit on a sandstone podium that was carved from the salvaged sandstone from the site. The podium also houses a cellar and a guest area.

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In between the two volumes there’s an internal space with courtyards over two levels. The central courtyard filters light and lets it get inside the house. It also connects all the areas of the house through a timber stair. The courtyards also connect the pool to the rest of the property. This beautiful, contemporary beach house was built using a rather restrained palette of materials. It mostly includes copper, salvaged sandstone and recycled blackbutt. The entrance to the house is made through a glass volume which offers views over the rocks, Sydney Heads and all the surrounding landscape.{found on archdaily and pics by Brett Boardman}.