A completely transformed Malasaña apartment bursting with color

When redesigning or transforming an apartment the idea is not as much to bring it up to date in terms of style but as it is to give it a fresh new look and to create balance. For this apartment located in Malasaña in central Madrid, the transformation brought color and a fun and cheerful atmosphere. the flat is found in an old building so preserving the retro atmosphere of the district was one of the key elements for the renovation.

Bohemian chic flat

The flat has an open plan design and a very chic new look. It has been reorganized and it features a very nice balance of old elements combined with new and creative additions. The traditional architecture suits it wonderfully. The spaces without doors provide a great sense of openness and they allow the rooms to communicate.

Bohemian chic flat1

Bohemian chic flat2

There’s a very nice nostalgic feel even though the look is new. There are lots of great focal points and lots of vibrant colors spread throughout the apartment.This place is full of light and this gives a very nice open feel. The apartment was redesigned to also suit the owner’s preferences in terms of style and influences. He wanted this place to reflect his love for art and music.

Bohemian chic flat3

Bohemian chic flat4

Bohemian chic flat5

Bohemian chic flat6

Bohemian chic flat7

Bohemian chic flat8

Bohemian chic flat9

As a result, the flat has a very comfortable décor and it’s accessorized with stylish antique furniture. This provides a very interesting background for the contemporary art. There’s also a nice balance between all the vintage and modern elements and this cohesion is reflected throughout the apartment.{found on onekindesign}.