A Complete Renovation Of A Historic House In Montonate, Italy

Usually renovations are meant to bring a certain structure up to date, to give a contemporary look and to liberate it from anything that might hold it back. But when you have to renovate a space that has a rich history and, most importantly, that features beautiful architecture, it’s difficult to let all that go. It’s why most people, when deciding to renovate their homes, prefer to also preserve some of the original features.

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This is also the case of a house located in Montonate, Italy. The residence has been completely renovated in 2009. It was a project developed by Benedini & Partners. The architects working at the project and the clients agreed that some features had to be preserved. They wanted the house to become more modern but they also wanted it to maintain its character and charm.

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Among the elements that have been preserved throughout the renovation we can mention the exposed beams on the ceilings and the plaster walls. They were features that have character to the house and without which the atmosphere wouldn’t have been the same. The rest of the house was entirely remodeled and renovated. It became a beautiful modern space with clean, minimalist furniture, airy decors, bright and spacious rooms and striking accent and focal points.

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It’s important to know what to preserve when redesigning a space. In this case, everything was changed except for the ceilings, windows and plaster walls. Yet these features are not just small details. They immediately stand out and, even though they don’t exactly follow the same style imposed by the renovation, they integrate very well into the whole décor. The result is a cohesive and harmonious interior design where old and new elements exist without clashing and where the atmosphere is very pleasant, inviting and warm, despite the minimalism.