A Compact Walk-in Closet With Tons Of Hidden Storage

Keeping a house organized is much easier when you have a complex and well-designed storage system. Having a large space that can be used for storage is often inconvenient because it’s difficult to organize. But if you have a system with different types of compartments, drawers, shelves and storage spaces specifically designed for certain types of items, it all becomes very simple.

Closet walk in design

Walk-in closets are something everyone wants to have in their home. However, there are also other options. When you don’t have enough space for a walk-in closet you have to be clever. It’s when this piece becomes very practical.

Closet walk in design11

This wardrobe has a very well-thought design. It’s very compact and it doesn’t look like a very spacious piece where you could store all your things. However, when you get o open it and to see how much space is hidden inside, everything changes.

Closet walk in design2

Closet walk in design3

Unlike most typical wardrobes, this one has more than just a few shelves on which you get to put all your clothes without actually organizing them. Here you get to arrange everything beautifully and to organize all your accessories and clothes in a very clean and smart way.

Closet walk in design4

Closet walk in design5

In here, every item is visible at all times so there won’t be any clothes that you just forget about because they get lost in the back of the shelf. Designed by Hosun Ching, this compact piece has shelves, drawers, open spaces, rods and mirrors, all designed to allow you to be perfectly organized and to save space.